The key purpose of Diabetes Educators is to support clients (and their families and support persons) with their diabetes self-management. Diabetes Educators provide comprehensive, individualised assessment, education, support and referral to other health professionals as needed.

The aim of Diabetes Education is to assist clients to gain the information, knowledge, skills, motivation and confidence they need to adapt to life with diabetes, manage their condition and make decisions about their care and treatment.

Diabetes Educators work collaboratively with other health professionals.

Clients may attend individual appointments, group education or a combination of both depending on their needs.

Clients who are at risk of diabetes may also benefit from appointments with a diabetes educator.

Diabetes educators can assist clients with:

  • Maintaining Motivation, Problem Solving and Setting Achievable Goals
  • Dealing with Diabetes Burnout and/or Emotional Issues
  • Blood Glucose Testing including Interpreting and Understanding Results
  • Oral and Injected Diabetes Medications
  • Insulin and Insulin Equipment (Syringes, Pens)
  • Reducing Blood Glucose Levels (Hyperglycaemia)
  • Managing Sick Days and Emergencies
  • Dealing with Low Blood Glucose Levels (Hypoglycaemia)
  • Exercise, Diet and Weight issues
  • Reducing Risks of Diabetes Complications
  • Changing Insulin Doses (with medical consent)
  • Pregnancy Planning and Management
  • Driving, Safety, Identification
  • Other areas including Travel Planning, Work Place Issues