Surgery Hours
Monday - Friday: 8.00am – 5.00pm | Saturday: 8.30am - 12pm (subject to Doctors' availability)
After hours Care
For after hours telehealth advice call Health Direct on 1800 022 222.

· Funded service for after-hours period, on weekends and public holidays
· Intended for those urgent conditions that cannot wait until the next day but are not serious enough to warrant a visit to the nearest emergency department
· People can get advice, diagnosis, treatment and prescriptions for a range of conditions including fever, vomiting, dehydration, flu like symptoms, pain and infections
· It is not intended to replace a patient's usual GP consultation.

If urgent medical care is required outside of opening hours, please contact Karratha Health Campus, Balmoral Rd, (08) 9144 777

Routine appointments are ten minutes. If you feel you need a longer appointment, please let the reception staff know this when booking the appointment.

Our Practice reserves appointments for on the day urgent care.

Your doctor may occasionally be delayed. You can always ring to know if your doctor is running on time. Please try not to be late for your appointment as this means other patients will be subsequently delayed.

We are a private billing practice. This means that you may incur an out of pocket cost for your visit. We do require payment on the day of service. For Medicare eligible services we can send your Medicare claims on the day for a quick payment back into your nominated bank account. Any consumables, such as dressings, use of sterile kits, private vaccines and infusion kits are not covered by Medicare and will be an additional out of pocket cost. We offer discounted rates for Pensioners and Health Care Card holders.

If you cancel your appointment, please do so at least 24 hours beforehand so that another patient may use that appointment. Late cancellations or missed appointments will incur a cancellation fee.
Please call 000 or present to the Emergency Department, Karratha Health Campus, Balmoral Rd, (08) 9144 777
“Telehealth” is the name for a consult with your health professional remotely via phone or video. At Pilbara Health Centre we support both telehealth for certain GP consults and supporting specialist consults when required.

Telehealth with your GP

There is Medicare support for regular patients to the practice (seen in the last 12 months) to use telehealth where it is appropriate.

We use telehealth as standard to provide care for people with any Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (URTI) symptoms, commonly associated with coughs, cold & flu symptoms and sore throats. This is part of our Covid-19 response to prevent patients with common URTI symptoms coming in to the practice. We prefer to use video for this consults so that the GP can see you.

We also use telehealth as a convenient way for you to order repeat medication. Your GP will provide a short consult to check your medication request and we will send the prescription straight to your pharmacy.

Telehealth can also be used where you are isolated, quarantined or it is difficult for you to physically attend the practice. If you believe you would benefit from a telehealth consult, speak with our receptionists or your GP at your next consult.

We use a video platform called Coviu. You do not need to download anything, just follow a link supplied by our practice on your smart phone, tablet or PC at your appointment time. Alternatively, you can go to our website and click "Join Video Consult" for your GP or Allied Health appointment. We have a help sheet Video Consult Information too.

If you do not have the technology for video, we can arrange a phone call from the practice.

Telehealth with your Specialist

Your GP may refer you to a specialist that offers telehealth for your appointment. Often, this can be arranged between you and the specialist. However, there are occasions where your GP and specialist feel it would be best that you are supported by your GP or another health professional (like a nurse). We can assist you if you have limited technology and host the telehealth appointment with your specialist at the practice for a small fee.
Medical Safety Net
If you need to see a doctor or have tests regularly you could end up with high medical costs. The Medicare Safety Net is designed to help you when you need it most. Contact Medicare for more information. Personal Information

All patients’ personal information is stored on computer with doctors having password access. Personal files are stored away from public access or direct view, in a coded system approved by the RACGP. Copies of patient’s records are kept until the patient has reached the age of 25 or for a minimum of 7 years from the time of last contact with the patient, whichever is longer.
Medical Interests
Our services include:

· General Practice
· Women’s Health and Men’s Health Checks
· Sexual Health: Contraception advice and procedures including Implanon & Mirena
· Mental Health
· Skin checks and skin surgery for cancer/pre-cancer
· Minor Surgery
· Chronic Disease Careplans & DVA Careplans
· Over 75 Health Assessments

Our nurses treatment room provides the following healthcare services:

· Wound Care and Removal of Sutures
· Ear Syringing
· Desensitisation
· Venesections
· Spirometry Testing
· Electrocardiogram (ECG)
· Ankle-Brachial Index Readings
· Adult Immunisations (including Influenza and more)
· Childhood Immunisations
· INR’s (international normalized ratio) for patients on Warfarin
· Mini-Mental State Exams (MMSE)
· Travel Vaccinations
· Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) Health Assessments
· Diabetes Cycle of Care
· Asthma Care plans and Education
· Injections (including Iron, B12, Contraceptives, Prolia, Humira, Eligard, Testosterone etc.)
· Infusions (including Iron, Aclasta and more)
Medical Instruments
All medical instruments are sterilized on-site according to RACGP sterilisation standards.
Your GP may request that you undergo some tests; these can be pathology tests (i.e. blood / urine), histology (i.e. skin / tissue samples) or imaging (i.e. X-ray, US, MRI). It is important to contact the practice to ensure we have your test results. Bloods test results can take 3-5 working days, skin samples can be longer and imaging can be 1-14 days plus. Please ask the person providing the testing to give you an idea of how long it will take to get results to your GP. It is best to call us for results after 9am when the phones are less busy. We may call you to arrange a follow-up appointment or give advice. We do not contact patients for results that have no further action required.
Children and Babies
A change table and other facilities for parents with babies are available in the toilet blocks.
Facilities for the Disabled
Wheelchair access is provided to all rooms, including the toilet, which has special facilities. A wheelchair is available to transport patients to or from your vehicle.
Translation Services
Please let our receptionist know if you need translation services.
Thank you for not smoking on our premises. Talk to us if you need help with quitting.
We value your comments, as we keep striving to improve our service! Suggestions, compliments or complaints should be forwarded in writing to our Operations Manager, P.O. Box 20, Karratha WA 6714.

For any matters we cannot resolve or should you be unsatisfied with resolution of your complaint please contact the Health and Disability Services Complaints Office’s (HaDSCO). Phone (08) 6551 7600.